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Pitt Football: Pitt Vs. Maine Open Gamethread

Pitt's second contest of the year is almost ready to get underway. Predictions? I'll throw out 41-10 to start with.

In all reality, Pitt should have little trouble with this game. The big thing to look for is hopefully get out to a fast lead unlike last weekend. That will allow Todd Graham to get some backups, including quarterback Trey Anderson, some playing time. As I pointed out in the game preview earlier this week, Maine is a veteran team. But Pitt should have little trouble with this one and if they have another start like they did against Buffalo, cue 'Sky is Falling' talk at halftime.

How do you see the game shaping out? Score predictions? Throw your thoughts in the comments section.

Game on ESPN3 if you can't make it to the game.

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