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Pitt vs. Maine: Breaking Down The Two-Deep

Pitt released the game notes for this weekend's game against Maine. In it is the probable depth chart for the game, scheduled for a 1 p.m.. kickoff from Heinz Field.

Here is what Pitt's last depth chart looked like the game against Buffalo for comparison, as there are a few changes. Starters are listed first unless otherwise noted.

QB: Tino Sunseri, Trey Anderson OR Mark Myers

Reaction: No change from last week. I would, though, like to see either Anderson or Myers get a few snaps in this game to get some game experience in before the bigger games begin.

RB: Ray Graham, Zach Brown, Corey Davis OR Malcolm Crockett

Reaction: Essentially the same, although Brown is now the clear #2 back and Isaac Bennett is no longer listed, which I am assuming to mean he will be redshirted this season.

FB: Mark Giubilato, Khaynin Mosley-Smith

Reaction: This was missed in last week's breakdown of the two-deep. I am a little shocked that Mosley-Smith is listed here, but the coaching staff thinks that he can do some blocking on the offensive side of the ball.

H-Back: Hubie Graham, Drew Carswell

Reaction: Exactly the same as last week. I'm assuming Anthony Gonzalez will appear here on next week's depth chart after serving the last game of his two-game suspension.

X-Receiver: Devin Street, Ed Tinker

Y-Receiver: Mike Shanahan, Salath Williams

Z-Receiver: Cameron Saddler, Ronald Jones

Reaction: This is all the same from last week, although after watching Jones in the return game, I'm intrigued at how he'll fare at receiver with all his speed.

Left Tackle: Juantez Hollins, Justin Virbitsky

Left Guard: Chris Jacobson, Matt Rotheram

Center: Ryan Turnley, Chris Jacobson

Right Guard: Lucas Nix, Cory King

Right Tackle: Jordan Gibbs, Greg Gaskins

Reaction: Ah, the offensive line. No real changes as far as depth chart goes, although Zenel Demhasaj is no longer listed as the backup LT - instead it is Virbitsky. No reason from Graham as to why, but Demhasaj did not see playing time in the game against Buffalo, so perhaps an injury or suspension?

Defensive End: Aaron Donald OR Justin Hargrove

Reaction: Both played decently in Saturday's game and there still hasn't been any clear separation between the two. Hargrove was the starter for Buffalo.

Defensive Tackle: Chas Alecxih, Tyrone Ezell

Reaction: No change here, but still would like to see Ezell get a few snaps in against Maine.

Nose Tackle: Myles Caragein, Khaynin Mosley-Smith

Reaction: No difference from last week. 

Panther linebacker: Brandon Lindsey, Juan Price, Joe Trebitz

Reaction: No changes, although Pitt still hasn't realized that it's Juan Price, not Ejuan.

Spur linebacker: Greg Williams, Todd Thomas, Carl Fleming

Reaction: I'm not going any further into Greg Williams. Somehow he is listed as starter. Why that is is beyond me, but the coaching staff knows a lot more about this than I do. The big thing is that Andrew Taglianetti is no longer listed at the position as he instead shows up at free safety.

SAM linebacker: Shane Gordon, Tristan Roberts

Reaction: The only change is that LaQuentin Smith is no longer listed, which leads to me think that like Isaac Bennett, he will also be redshirted.

WILL linebacker: Max Gruder, Tristan Roberts

Reaction: Out of the two, Gruder would have to be the starter. He did see a lot of playing time on Saturday and impressed the coaching staff, but clearly Pitt needs to recruit some talent at this position.

Cornerbacks: K'waun Williams AND Antwuan Reed, Buddy Jackson, Saheed Imoru, Lloyd Carrington

Reaction: Williams had a good game on Saturday, leading the team in total tackles. Jeremiah Davis is no longer listed on the depth chart, although Pitt did say he participated in the game on Saturday.

Bandit safety: Jason Hendricks, Lafayette Pitts, Brandon Ifill

Reaction: A small change, as Lloyd Carrington is listed at cornerback instead of safety. I want to see Pitts get some playing time, as that's why Todd Graham has him listed here and not at cornerback. 

Free safety: Jarred Holley, Andrew Taglianetti, Brandon Ifill

Reaction: Another small change, as Tags has moved up in the depth chart by passing Ifill.

Special Teams: Kevin Harper (K), Matt Yoklic (P + holder), Kevin Barthelemy (LS), Buddy Jackson OR Corey Davis (KOR), Ronald Jones (PR)

Reaction: Saturday was not a good day for Harper, but perhaps it was just early season jitters. We'll see how he does next Saturday. Jones, after his great play on Saturday, has officially become the main punt returner.