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Central Michigan Star Trey Zeigler To Transfer To Pitt

Well, that was quick.

First off, get ready for extremely annoying "Tray and Trey" jokes during games.

I had planned a series looking at potential transfers to replace the departed Isaiah Epps. I started with Zeigler and, well, this concludes our look at potential transfers, because he's decided Pitt is it and will become a Panther after a brief visit.

Zeigler confirmed the news where else - Twitter:

"Just committed to the University of Pittsburgh!" Trey tweeted Saturday. His father -- who used to work at Pitt alongside current head coach Jamie Dixon and under former head coach Ben Howland -- subsequently confirmed the news by phone to

Trey reportedly picked Pitt over Duke, UCLA, and others.

As I mentioned in my initial post on Zeigler, there's good and bad here, but I think this is a good move - especially in lieu of Pitt losing Ashton Gibbs. Say what you will about Gibbs' spotty play this year, but he was a scorer that, when on his game, was a big threat. Zeigler will help replace him whether it's this year or next.

We still don't know if he'll be eligible for this coming season. He's seeking a waiver to play right away and if he doesn't get it, the point will be moot since he'll need to sit out this upcoming season. But if he does get it ... here's how things could shape out.

Pitt had two options for next season - either play one of their young guards such as John Johnson, Cam Wright, or Chris Jones alongside Tray Woodall OR (and this was probably the more likely route) move Lamar Patterson or J.J. Moore to shooting guard and let the other start at small forward. Zeigler says he and Jamie Dixon talked about playing at both the 2 and the 3, but with Patterson and Moore at win already, Pitt is hurting a bit more at shooting guard.

That may still happen and Dixon will get a better feel of what's best for Pitt after getting Zeigler in practices, but I think it's more likely that Zeigler starts and Patterson starts at small forward.

The thing to really like about the Zeigler pickup is that it makes Pitt a much more experienced team ... and a deeper one. If he starts, Pitt will probably start four upperclassmen next year. Steven Adams may start at center, but if he does, that's a good thing, anyway, because it'll mean he's surpassed Dante Taylor there. Pitt's depth, as I mentioned, will also be better. The move means the team will have the luxury of having Zeigler or Moore off the bench. That gives the Panthers a legitimate scorer there and allows them to bring along the young guards a bit more slowly.

It's really early, but a starting lineup of Tray Woodall, Trey Zeigler, Lamar Patterson, Talib Zanna, and Steven Adams looks pretty good if Trey can get the waiver to play immediately.

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