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Sam Young Seeing Minutes In Philadelphia, But ...

Sam Young is adjusting to life in Philadelphia (Mandatory Credit: Brendan Maloney-US PRESSWIRE)
Sam Young is adjusting to life in Philadelphia (Mandatory Credit: Brendan Maloney-US PRESSWIRE)

After a February when he saw action in only two games for Memphis, Sam Young was traded to the Philadelphia 76ers before the NBA's trade deadline. Things were actually working out a bit for Young with the move as he's played in seven of the team's nine games heading into last weekend.

Unfortunately, there was a problem.

Despite more minutes, Young wasn't producing all that much. He did have a solid eight-point nine-rebound performance against DeJuan Blair and the Spurs last week, playing 30 minutes while starter, Andre Iguodala, was injured. But other than that, Young's struggled.

In those nine games with the 76ers, he shot a dismal 23% from the field. He's averaging less than two points and two rebounds since the trade - even worse than he'd been producing in Memphis.

Because of that, he's seen the all-too-familiar DNPCD in the box score the past couple of games.

This is hardly the end of the world for Young. He's still, excuse the pun, 'young' and while he's playing more in Philly, he's still not seeing enough minutes to make any kind of judgment. Thing is, though, that he'll have to show more in the few minutes he's given to get more time. He won't get a ton of minutes behind Iguodala and his situation, while slightly better, is a bit like the one in Memphis when he was stuck behind Rudy Gay. But if he plays well in the short amount of time he gets each game, they'll find time for him to get on the court.

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