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The Morning After: The Way That Young Lovers Do (Van Morrison)

Van Morrison - The Way Young Lovers Do (via SpaceOdyssee0)

This week's music is courtesy of Van Morrison - The Way that Young Lovers do. Unfortunately, no video this week since the only one I could find was a past-his-prime Morrison doing a pretty mediocre rendition of it.

Great song - Pitt links after the jump.

In case you missed the Blue-Gold game, Pitt's official athletics website has a link of it

Pitt's passing game struggled this spring

Matt Rotheram is looking to start at right tackle this season

Pitt Blather takes a look at incoming freshman James Robinson looks at the Big East's dark horses for football

Paul Chryst is making an early impression at Pitt

Another article on Pitt starting Tino Sunseri

If Pitt is somehow still around in the Big East for the 2013-14 season, they'll face SMU and new coach, Larry Brown

The Hoop Group Jamfest kicked off this weekend in Pittsburgh

Baseball coach Joe Jordano won his 700th game this week

Pitt had both the men's and women's Big East Athletes of the week

The stories on Curtis Martin and Chris Doleman going from high school to Pitt Panthers to now NFL Hall of Famers

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