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Rutgers/Arizona QB Tom Savage To Pitt?

Could Pitt be getting more help at quarterback? (Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty Images)
Could Pitt be getting more help at quarterback? (Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Monday saw the resignation of Big East commissioner, John Marinatto, but there was also more Pitt-related news. A certain former Rutgers quarterback sent out a cryptic Tweet on Monday:

Time to get my priorities straightened out...

That could mean anything, right? You know, maybe dude needs to start going to class or is having woman problems. Who knows?

Ah, but there was more:

University of Pittsburgh Panthers

Um, what? You read correctly. What's not a surprise is that the Tweet doesn't exist anymore on his page, but Pitt Script has a embedded version of it here. Somebody told Savage that it apparently wasn't a good idea to Tweet that or he figured it out on his own. Either way, it's out - so what's it mean?

The quick back story on Savage is that he left Rutgers after being beaten out by Chas Dodd. Savage was headed out west to Arizona and things would be well.

Enter Rich Rodriguez.

Rodriguez came to 'Zona and out went Savage, who decided to transfer from the Wildcats' program without even taking a snap. Despite the talk from both sides that it wasn't about the system, it sure seems that way. Savage, realizing his mistake, tried to backtrack and get to Rutgers again. The program was reportedly ready to take him back if he could be eligible to play immediately since he had already sat out 2011. 'No can do' says the NCAA and now it appears like he'll have to sit out another season since he's transferring again.

So with all of that said, where's that leave Savage in regards to a potential desire to come to Pitt?

Here's my take - if he were somehow able to play immediately at Pitt (and I'm not sure why that would be the case since he was already denied once), he's a clear competitor to Tino Sunseri this season.

The more likely scenario to me is that he can't play right away and after sitting out a season, has a year left. Sunseri will be gone, but there would be Chad Voytik to compete with. Here's the kicker: If Voytik is everything we expect him to be, if he's unable to beat out Savage, that wouldn't exactly be good news for Pitt.

In either case, it's hard to argue that more quarterback competition would be a bad thing - whether that's in 2012 or 2013. While Voytik is supposed to be the future, he'll still only either be a true sophomore or redshirt freshman next season. It's quite possible he could still be struggling a bit and while Savage is no superstar himself, a bit of insurance would be nice to have.

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