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Pitt Football: Trey Anderson To Play In 2011 According To Todd Graham

This isn't major news, but I did find it a bit more noteworthy than merely being buried at the end of a linebackers piece. According to Todd Graham, quarterback Trey Anderson will play this year and not take a redshirt.

For one, that further cements that Anderson is (and likely will be) the backup for the foreseeable future - and in my opinion, the rest of the season. There's been some slightly vague language over the past few weeks that Anderson and Myers are/were still competing to a degree, but that doesn't sound like the case with this quote. If they were, you'd expect there'd be a chance that Anderson could redshirt if he were passed by Myers on the depth chart.

It also means that former backup Anthony Gonzalez is staying put at H-Back this year.

Gonzalez was named the backup this Spring before his subsequent suspension. If there were plans to move Gonzalez back to quarterback, you'd expect there would be a chance he could surpass Anderson on the depth chart - thus giving Trey a redshirt.

Now, could the Myers or Gonzalez scenarios happen with Anderson still playing this year? Sure.

One such scenario could be that Anderson definitely plays this weekend against Maine, and then gets passed up later in the year. But when I hear Graham speak in borderline definitive terms, it makes me think Anderson is the backup for this entire year barring something odd happening like he suddenly forgets how to throw a pass on a slant pattern.

I fully expect to see Anderson this weekend. Sorry, but Maine ain't Buffalo. As easy as it is to say that Pitt should have blown the Bulls out this weekend, they're still an FBS program with FBS scholarship players. Even if the Panthers play on a level as they did this past Saturday, the Maine game still shouldn't be as close meaning Anderson should get in the contest.