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Pitt Football: Anthony Gonzalez Officially Named Backup?

It's looked for some time that Tino Sunseri is Pitt's starter. No, I've not seen it 'officially' confirmed by head coach Todd Graham, but there's not been much out there in Spring practice to show otherwise.

Along those lines, Graham may have settled on Anthony Gonzalez, not Mark Myers, as the backup.

Myers seemed like he had a good chance to not only be the backup, but possibly even the starter. But Graham named his most improved players of the Spring and it was Gonzalez getting the nod as one. More importantly, according to the Trib-Review, Gonzalez will be the backup behind Sunseri. It's such a small blurb, I wonder if it's common knowledge or if that's just their assumption ... but nevertheless, here it is.

If it's true, that would be quite a drop from where Myers hoped to be, obviously. When I really think about it (taking into account that I've seen exactly 0% of Spring practice), it doesn't surprise me all that much as Gonzalez is touted as more athletic than the strong-armed Myers and maybe a better fit for the system. But after hearing so much about how Myers could compete as the starter, I guess it's kind of a shock.

Defensive tackel Tyrone Ezell and cornerback Buddy Jackson were the other two picks for the Ed Conway Award given to the most improved players at the end of camp.