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Pitt Football: Ray Graham Named Big East Offensive Player Of The Week

After Ray Graham's 200-yard performance against Buffalo on Saturday, there was little doubt he'd be in the running for the Big East Offensive Player of the Week award. After withstanding a 141-yard four-touchdown effort by UConn freshman running back Lyle McCombs, he brought home the award this week.

Sure, 75 of those yards came on a single play late in the game, but 200 yards against a D-I program is still 200 yards. His three touchdowns didn't hurt, either. This was Graham's second career 200-yard game and everyone remembers the first one against Florida International last season.

Graham not only leads the Big East in rushing, but is second in the nation right now.

He's not going to rack up 200 yards every week, obviously, but he showed why I think he's the best running back in the Big East. And when you combine his talent with the obscene number of touches he's going to get (especially if Pitt can get off 80 carries a game), he could be in for a huge year.

Also, you can eventually look for Graham to catch more passes out of the backfield as well.

With Maine on tap next week, he's got a great chance for another big game.