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College Football Rankings: SB Nation Week 9 Big East Power Rankings

The weekly SB Nation Big East power rankings are out (these are obviously before the UConn game). So after last weekend, where's Pitt?

After a bye week, Pitt remained in fifth. Here's the Cardiac Hill ballot:

1. Cincinnati
2. Rutgers
3. Syracuse
4. West Virginia
5. Pittsburgh
6. UConn
7. Louisville
8. South Florida

I was the only one brave/foolish (depending on how you look at it) to rank Rutgers in second. Nearly everyone else had Syracuse in that spot due to their big win over West Virginia. But with both teams at 5-2, I looked at the head to head matchup with the Scarlet Knights beat the Cuse and moved them up ... despite the loss to Louisville.

I get that I'm alone on that, but I had to take the head to head into consideration.

The Big East is without a doubt a total crap shoot at this point. Cincy sits on top, but haven't really beaten anyone of consequence in or out of conference. There's no way to claim that as even the favorite at this point and I'm almost positive they aren't running the table from here on out.

What's my gut tell me? That West Virginia is still the best team in the conference even after the Syracuse debacle. Orange fans won't like that, but I've got a hard time believing a team that beat Tulane by three, Toledo by three, and Rhode Island by seven is the best the Big East has to offer.

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