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Big East Football Power Rankings: After Buffalo Game, Pitt Drops To Third

We all know that Pitt's game against Buffalo wasn't stellar. Through all of the hashing, re-hashing, there's lots to analyze about where the Panthers need to improve.

So it wasn't much of a surprise that they dropped from second to third in the weekly SB Nation Big East Power Rankings. In fact, I was one of those that dropped Pitt.

Here's how my ballot shaped out:

1. West Virginia

2. South Florida

3. Cincinnati

4. Pitt

5. Rutgers

6. Syracuse

7. UConn

8. Louisville

At first glance, things may look a little out of sorts. Do I really think Cincinnati is better than Pitt? Or is Rutgers better than Syracuse? Not necessarily.

But as I've pointed out when I've killed Doug Gottlieb's basketball poll voting, you've got to take into consideration how teams are playing when voting in these types of things ... not merely who you think is better. Pitt's win over Buffalo wasn't nearly as impressive as the 72 points the Bearcats' offense hung this weekend or South Florida's big win over Notre Dame on the road, so I moved those teams ahead of the Panthers.

Head over to The UConn blog for the team by team results and the cumulative voting results.