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Monday Morning Pitt Link Dump / Dave Matthews Band (All Along The Watchtower)

Dave Matthews Band - Central Park - All Along the Watchtower (via 366194)

In addition to Pitt, I've got a few other interests. For one, I'm obsessed with music. Most of my tastes aren't all that typical, but each Monday, I'll be sharing a video of a favorite. If you came to hear Maroon Five, Bieber, or Styx/Journey/Foreigner/Boston/REO Speedwagon/et al, you're probably in the wrong place.

To keep this somewhat Pitt related, it will also be a dump of links I hadn't gotten to the week before.

That said, I'm kicking things off with probably my favorite band - the Dave Matthews Band doing an amazing cover of All Along The Watchtower. Don't think it's any good? That's fine, but in the immortal words of Dave, 'You wrong.'

Loads of Pitt links after the jump.

Penn State reportedly offered a scholarship to Chad Voytik - no dice, he's still committed to Pitt. So far.

He's leaving, he's not leaving - despite reports, who knows if Bob Bostad is bolting Pitt before even coaching a game.

Pitt football still in the mix for a few ESPNU 150 recruits

Great collection of photos from ESPN GameDay this weekend

Steven Adams - A 'free spirit'

John Marinatto still talking Big East expansion

Pitt football attendance numbers not that bad ... compared to Big East teams, anyway

Rushel Shell is ready to meet Paul Chryst

Aaron Donald Pitt's most improved player in 2011

ESPN's Andrea Adelson takes a look at 2008 Pitt recruiting standouts

The men's team isn't the only one struggling ... so are the women.

The women also lost to West Virginia last week.

Sam Clancy was inducted into the Pittsburgh Athletic Association Hall of Fame.