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BBVA Compass Bowl: Breaking Down ... Legion Field?

It's not too often where we discuss opposing venues. Actually, I'm not sure if we've ever done that. But Paul Swaney runs a pretty cool site called Stadium Journey and has a rundown (albeit a depressing one) of Legion Field on it.

Legion Field, by the way, is where Pitt will line up against SMU this weekend in the BBVA Compass Bowl. It is also the current home of UAB football and was a host of Alabama-Auburn games and SEC championships back in the day. So while part of the page is geared towards the stadium, part of it is about the UAB and other teams that played there. But there's also some information on concessions, the area, etc.

If you're headed down to Birmingham or already there, it might be a good place to check out - here's the link to the page.

I'll have a game preview up later today or tomorrow.