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Pitt basketball season tips off with weekend events

Nick Laham - Getty Images

Pitt is struggling a bit on the gridiron this season, but the basketball season will bring another chance for optimism.

In case you missed it, things will get underway this weekend with a few events. First up is the most popular event as the Panthers will host a Midnight Madness practice outside on Bigelow Blvd. during homecoming festivities on Friday night. The event will be preceded by a fireworks display.

Next up will be the Maggie Dixon health fair on Sunday at noon where fans can get health screenings and after that, there will be a blue-gold scrimmage.

All events are free and a great way to see the team up close to kick off the season.

I'm a big fan particularly of the Midnight Madness event. Pitt has a lot of homecoming events happening on Friday and should draw a great turnout for the event. The other part of that, of course, is if the weather cooperates. It's gotten cold in a hurry here and while the event will be moved indoors if it rains, I'm not sure that will be the case if it's just cold outside ... which at 10:00 p.m. it could be. Still, an uncomfortable Midnight Madness is better than no Midnight Madness and I'm planning to check it out.

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