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Good Pitt vs. Bad Pitt

Mark Konezny-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

So here we are - game day. Not only game day, but the homecoming game.

If Pitt's going to beat Louisville today, they'll need a lot to go their way. But more specifically, they'll need to have the good side of their alter ego show up. ESPN's Andrea Adelson talked earlier this week about Good Pitt vs. Bad Pitt:

Will the real Pitt please stand up?

We have seen two radically different versions of the Panthers football team this season. Is Pitt the team that struggles up front, that cannot run the football, that cannot take the ball away? Or is Pitt the team that has a dominant rushing attack, an efficient quarterback, and lines that can control the line of scrimmage?

I won't pretend to know which Pitt team shows up today, but this game could really decide the direction of their team this year. If the Panthers come out flat, fan interest is going to drop even lower than it already is. Any chance of getting to a BCS game likely went out the window with a loss to Syracuse. Even if the Panthers somehow defeat Louisville and Rutgers, Cincinnati would need to lose three conference games at this point.

But Pitt is playing for a Bowl game. At this point, any ol' Bowl will do, to be honest (and realistic). Pitt can still get there if they can't defeat the Cardinals today, but things will look a lot better with a win.

And that only happens if Good Pitt shows up.

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