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Pitt vs. Louisville: Panthers are trendy pick to pull off the upset

Justin K. Aller - Getty Images

Yesterday, we weighed in with our own game predictions. Many of us picked Pitt and while some may call us homers, it's looking like we're not alone. The Panthers are all of a sudden a trendy pick to pull off the upset:

CBS Sports calls for a 21-20 Pitt victory over Louisville

Phil Steele says Pitt will come out on top (ESPN Insider Article, but Pitt pick is free content)

SB Nation's Bud Elliott says to take Pitt and the points in this one

One of Athlon's four writers says Pitt will win and all predict a close game

Atlantic Coast Confidential says Pitt is it

And of course Pitt fans are all over the Panthers when it comes to Saturday's game

Even some in Louisville think Pitt will win the game

I'm not all that confident that the Panthers will win, but I did pick them for reasons I outlined here. Even if the Panthers don't win, I'd be surprised if the game weren't a close one.

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