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Pitt-Louisville Cardiac Hill Staff Game Predictions

Andy Lyons - Getty Images

With Pitt-Louisville coming up on Saturday, what does the Cardiac Hill staff think of the game? Most of us surprisingly/unsurprisingly are going with the Panthers. I can't speak for everyone else, but for me, this really isn't a homer pick (plus, I've picked against Pitt twice this season already). I alluded to this in my preview on Monday, but Pitt just gets up for these types of games at home.

And while Louisville is likely the better team, I haven't been all that impressed with them the last few weeks. Onto the picks:

Pat - .666 (2-1): Pitt

Anthony - .400 (2-3): Pitt

Bryan H. - .400 (2-3): Louisville

Bryan M. - .400 (2-3): Pitt

Greg - .400 (2-3): Louisville

Anson - .400 (2-3): Pitt

Jim - .333 (1-2): Pitt

Mike - .200 (1-4): Pitt

Vote in the poll and tell us how you think the game will turn out.

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