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Week 8 SB Nation Big East Power Rankings

Kevin Hoffman-US PRESSWIRE

After this weekend's action, my weekly ballot for the SB Nation Big East power rankings are below:

1. Rutgers
2. Louisville
3. Cincinnati
4. Syracuse
5. Pitt
6. Temple
7. South Florida
8. UConn

Of particular note, I moved Rutgers up to first. I've gone back and forth between Louisville, Rutgers, and Cincinnati this season when it comes to the top spot. I'm not sure which is the best of the three, but after the Bearcats' loss to Toledo this week, they fell to third. Either way, though, right now it's pretty clear that those three are the class of the conference, regardless of the order you put them in.

Temple dropped a few spots after their loss to Rutgers and I moved South Florida up to 7th after they took Louisville down to the wire this weekend and after UConn was crushed by Syracuse. Because of the Owls' loss, Pitt moved up one spot to fifth since my rankings last week.

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