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Pitt-Temple: Cardiac Hill staff predictions

Eric Hartline-US PRESSWIRE

After a pretty bad season by most of us, all of Cardiac Hill's writers picked up a win as the Panthers defeated Buffalo last weekend. We're all hoping to make it two in a row as everyone picked Pitt to beat Temple on Saturday.

We've been over this all week, but this isn't a gimme for Pitt. Temple has already knocked off two Big East teams this season and Pitt could be the third if they don't come out swinging. The game plan offensively should be interesting. The team didn't pass all that often last week in bad weather conditions, but if it's a nice day out, I expect that to change - especially with the up and down play from the running backs.

Check out our season standings below:

Bryan H. - .500 (4-3)

Greg - .500 (4-3)

Pat - .500 (3-2)

Anson - .333 (3-4)

Anthony - .333 (3-4)

Bryan M. - .333 (3-4)

Jim - .250 (2-3)

Mike - .167 (2-5)

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