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BBVA Compass Bowl swag - what will Pitt and Ole Miss receive?


We're all aware that the players receive special gift bags for taking part in college football's bowl games each year. So while Pitt is likely not real thrilled about a third straight BBVA Compass Bowl game, all isn't lost.

The Panthers and Ole Miss will receive a pretty decent collection of gifts (considering the $550 limit bowls have per player). ESPN has the scoop on what the players will get this year:

BBVA Compass, Jan. 5: Pitt (6-6, 3-4 Big East) vs. Ole Miss (6-6, 3-5 SEC)
Fossil watch, Oakley Dispatch II sunglasses, wireless portable speaker, backpack, football

So, okay - the football and backpack are really fillers. I mean, the football could be worth a good $50 or so, but what football player doesn't have one? And who knows what the quality of the speaker will be like - with a $550 limit, we're not talking a Bose here. But a Fossil watch and pair of Oakleys? That ain't bad for a free gift for playing in a bowl game.

Almost makes the trip to Birmingham worth it.


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