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Blast From The Past: Damaging Ben Howland Article In Sports Illustrated?

It's not been released yet, but apparently Sports Illustrated will have some sort of a Ben Howland article in this week's issue ... and it doesn't sound good.

Howland was asked about the article and while it sounds like he knows what's coming out, he danced around the issue a bit in his weekly press conference.

This exchange was particularly interesting:

A: Specifically I can’t talk about any former player or student relative having to do with that. We have a comprehensive drug policy here at UCLA where any time someone fails a random drug test, I’m alerted, the trainer is alerted and the person overseeing the drug policy here. And there is a very good and outstanding program in place for student athletes of all teams to receive education and receive counseling and to receive discipline.

Howland has gotten a lot of credit (deservedly so) for turning Pitt's program around. But while he's generally hailed as a bit of a hero around these parts, I've always remained disappointed about how he handled his departure. He went on to some success at UCLA, but he's struggled a bit since then. The Bruins had a losing season two years ago, made the tourney last year, but are only slightly above .500 this season.

SB Nation blog Bruins Nation has some reaction on the story as well as some insight into the author.

I don't always read my weekly SI, but that will change this week.

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