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Steven Adams Crushing 2013 Mock Draft Projections

Steven Adams isn't even in a Pitt uniform for practices yet, but we're already moving past his Pitt career and looking ahead to the 2013 NBA mock drafts. Last we checked, Adams was projected pretty high. That doesn't appear to be changing anytime soon as several sites are placing him in or near the top five overall.

My favorite NBA Draft site,, was on the bandwagon early. They currently list him as the #4 overall pick. Draft Express, another fairly known draft site, has him at sixth., which does more than just football, puts Adams at third.

These are some insane predictions, but it's easy to get too carried away. Adams hasn't even played his first college game so to believe that he's a slam dunk top five pick is a bit idiotic. Even if Adams doesn't come in and live up to all the hype, he could still be taken fairly high. But there's a long way to go until the 2013 draft.

And if you need any reminder about what can happen in between now and then, just remember that Pitt's two most recent McDonald's All-Americans, Dante Taylor and Khem Birch, were both thought to be potential one and done players at some point. Not only is there no guarantee that Adams gets drafted that high, there's no guarantee he even leaves after one year. We can sit an and argue all day about the fact that Adams may better than both of those players, but even highly touted guys elsewhere such as Fab Melo, found the college game to be a bit more challenging than expected.

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