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Pitt And Syracuse To The ACC In 2013?

Pitt and Syracuse to the ACC in 2013? In the immortal words of Kevin Garnett - Anything is possible!

We've thought that Pitt could be ACC-bound in 2013 for a while now - it just makes sense, after all. The Big East could still possibly squeeze some money out of the Panthers and Orange if they leave before the mandated 2014 date and the conference is adding schools left and right.

But now, there's even more evidence that the Big East could release the two schools early.

In speaking to the media, John Marinatto sounds even more willing to barter for the freedom of Pitt and Cuse:

Asked when he would have those conversations with Syracuse and Pitt, Marinatto told, "Hopefully, soon. Our membership is very pleased with where we’ve landed…so I hope to engage in conversations with both Pittsburgh and Syracuse very soon."

Marinatto had previously maintained that both schools wouldn’t be able to depart until June 2014, 27 months from when they announced they would leave.

"We really haven’t had detailed conversations [with Syracuse and Pitt] but at this point in time we’re ready to have that conversation," Marinatto said.

Small assist to the Owls on this one, but I don't think their addition is solely the reason Pitt and Syracuse are apparently going to be able to leave a year sooner. Regardless, there's little doubt in my mind that Pitt will get out early and the Big East's new stance that they're actively ready to bargain sounds as if they're ready to be rid of both schools. This still is no guarantee, but an early exit is looking even more possible at this point.

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