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Final Big East Power Rankings: Pitt Finishes Near Bottom

Wanted to get to this earlier, but with Big East Tournament stuff, been a bit crowded on the page. The end of the regular season means it's also time for the final Big East power rankings of the year. Thanks again to Andrew over at The UConn Blog for coordinating these. Voting ended on Monday with a few games still to be played, so keep that in mind.

How did Pitt fare? Check it out after the jump.

Pitt finished the season in 12th place, which is just right in my opinion. I also had the Panthers 12th in my final ballot, which is below. Syracuse not only won the conference, but ran away with it. I'll be interested in seeing how far they go in the NCAAs.

There's a big dropoff after the top ten teams. Seton Hall was 19-11 at the end of the balloting while my No. 11 team, Rutgers, was 14-17. Pitt had the best record after the top ten, and they were only 16-15. Speaking of Pitt and Rutgers, yes, Pitt has a better record by three games, but I still voted the Scarlet Knights ahead of them. Rutgers won two of their past seven games at the end of balloting while Pitt had only won one. And let's not forget that said Rutgers team also destroyed Pitt at the Pete this year.

Here's the Cardiac Hill ballot.

1. Syracuse
2. Marquette
3. Georgetown
4. Cincinnati
5. Notre Dame
6. Louisville
7. West Virginia
8. South Florida
9. UConn
10. Seton Hall
11. Rutgers
12. Pittsburgh
13. St. John's
14. Villanova
15. Providence
16. DePaul

Check out the final combined ballot and the individual ballots over at The UConn Blog.