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Pitt Football Recruiting: Chandler Kincade 2014 Verbal Shaky?

Chandler Kincade was a Todd Graham recruit (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)
Chandler Kincade was a Todd Graham recruit (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)
Getty Images

I know, we could have seen this one coming a mile away, right?

When then 16-year old Chandler Kincade committed to Todd Graham last year, I had my doubts. Now with Graham gone, Kincade could be on the move.

I have a real hard time sweating the recruitment of a kid who wouldn't even be playing for Pitt for probably about 3 1/2 more years at the earliest. But since he just committed, it's an intriguing storyline. Kincade hasn't officially reopened his commitment, but if you read this recent article, it makes it sound like he has.

Kincade recently said:

"I really just want to make sure that if I'm not comfortable with everything, that I haven't limited myself and set my options down to one school already," Kincade said. "I just want to make sure for myself that if I'm not comfortable with this that there are other schools that I'm in touch with. I'm committed to Pitt still, but I just don't know the staff enough right now to change whether I am committed or whether I'm not."

He took unofficial visits to both Michigan and Michigan State earlier this year and if you read the article, he came away with good impressions of both.

Kincade's recruitment was a bit of an oddity to me under the Todd Graham era. He's seen as a traditional pro-style quarterback, yet Graham wanted him for his up-tempo offense. You'd think Kincade would be a bit more excited to be joining a Pitt program going back to his comfort zone, but his point about not knowing the coaches is understood.

If he ends up not making it to Pitt and goes somewhere else instead, no one in their right mind could harbor any ill will towards him. He's a high school sophomore right now for crying out loud and you have to take his commitment with a grain pound of salt at this point. Factor in the fact that the coaching staff changed and there's a good chance this saga stretches on for a bit.

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