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Michigan Defensive Player Luke Maclean Commits To Pitt

Over at the old site, we had Buddy the Recruiting Elf. He was a happy elf when a high school player decided that Pitt Is It. So happy that he jumped up and down on a loop for all eternity. However, because of fascism copyright laws, we can no longer use the Buddy.gif. But we can use a new elf - meet Beano, the Cardiac Hill Recruiting Elf:


Instead of dancing, Beano the Recruiting Elf will stare at you uncomfortably when Pitt gets a commit. He may even be able to compare to the new commitment to an obscure player that Pitt recruited in 1968 who probably ended up at Notre Dame. Exciting stuff.

But today, we're pleased to debut Beano the Recruiting Elf with the commitment of versatile defensive athlete Luke Maclean of Michigan. MacLean is a consensus three-star athlete according to Rivals, 247, ESPN and Scout. He picked Pitt over BCS offers from Cincinnati, Georgia Tech and Kansas.

More on Luke after the jump.

So far, we haven't identified a position for Luke, and that's because his position in college seems a bit up in the air. According to the scouting services, he's listed anywhere from inside linebacker to outside linebacker to defensive end. That's fine by me as Pitt needs a major infusion of bodies at all of those positions. We'll see how he grows and go from there.

There's not a ton on Maclean available right now, but his team opened camp last week looking to improve upon last year's 9-3 season and narrow loss in the regional finals:

"The excitement is already incredibly high and it felt awesome being back out here today," Maclean said. "It’s a young team but I know we’ve got a ton of hard workers. The work ethic as a whole is as good as I’ve seen it here so I’m excited to see what we can do."

Here's Luke's sophomore highlight video, politely introduced by Mr. Maclean himself. How midwestern of him!

Here's his junior highlights, without the polite introduction:

And finally, some footage from

Welcome to Pitt, Luke. You made a fantastic choice.

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