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Hail To Links! Prediction: Pain!


Today, I'm changing up the format slightly. Today we are doing a Top 5 list...the Top 5 things more painful for a Pitt fan than watching last night's game. If you would like to add any additional Honorable Mentions, please do so in the comments.

#5 Last week's game. Pitt made Youngstown State look like Ohio State. This one is #5 because, based on this view of the stadium, not too many people saw the ending.

#4 2010-2011 NCAA Tournament game against Butler. Missing a key free throw and fouling with under one second left? Sure why not!

#3 2009 Cincinnati game for the BIG EAST Championship. No, not the Armon Binns touchdown. May I present to you, Dave Wannstedt: Special Teams coach extrordinaire.

#2 2008-2009 Elite Eight matchup against Villanova. Two words: Scottie Reynolds. This video is made more painful with the addition of the "Rudy" theme as the ball goes in.

#1 The Mike Haywood introductory press conference. "Are you familiar with Freddy Krueger?" This has to go down as one of the most painful press conferences in all of history. Plus, it was the beginning of one of the most painful 12 month periods our fan base has had to endure. Thankfully, it appears that all traces of this press conference have been removed from the internet.

Honorable Mention. Dave Wannstedt's "resignation" press conference. He may not have been the best gameday coach, but it's hard to find a nicer guy and a coach who bled blue and gold more than Wanny. This was just hard to watch.

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