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Sam Young released by Indiana Pacers last week

Harry How

Should have gotten to this sooner, but Sam Young was released earlier this month by the Indiana Pacers. I actually forgot he signed with Indiana, even though I wrote about it over the summer. Last season he was traded from the Grizzlies to the 76ers and failed to get many minutes in the regular season or the postseason, where he played even less.

Averaging about ten minutes a game, he didn't do much to earn more than that. Over his 14 games with the team, he shot under 30% from the field and had only 2.9 points and 1.5 rebounds per contest.

Still, though - that was enough to get him a bit of an opportunity in Indiana this season. He played 16 minutes a game and even had a few starts. But shooting under 39% probably didn't help his case to stay on. Young actually rolled his ankle recently, so that likely played into it. But the fact is that he's not exactly played all that well offensively, either.

At 27, Young still has a chance to play in the league. But the fact that he's not been picked up after nearly two weeks is a bit of an indication that he's not exactly a hot commodity. For what it's worth, a lot of the Indy Cornrows readers thought he played good defense.

At some point, Young will run out of chances. That time probably won't come just yet and I expect someone to give him another chance once he's healthy since he's still under 30. But there are too many great athletes hanging around the NBDL and playing overseas that will eventually swallow up opportunities down the line.

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