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Rivals and Scout rank Pitt's football recruiting class

With Pitt's recruiting class wrapping up, I thought I'd check on the major sites and see where the Panthers stand. The answer is pretty good in my opinion.

According to Scout, Pitt checks in all the way at No. 17. Rivals has Pitt a bit farther down at No. 28. That's with Tyler Boyd obviously, who could be flipping to West Virginia.

Part of the reason Pitt ranks highly is the sheer volume of their recruits. Pitt has 27 kids right now and as I wrote recently, that's among the most in the nation. But part of it is there's also a good amount of quality. Pitt doesn't have a ton of top kids like the programs in the top ten do, but there's a significant amount of three-star kids with a few stars sprinkled in.

I'm excited about the kids Pitt is bringing in. As I mentioned in the comments section of another post, in a couple of years, this team should be pretty stacked. And here's the kicker - Pitt has added some quality talent despite some down seasons and the coaching changes. If Chryst can actually put a winner on the field, things will get even better.

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