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Pitt baseball series against St. John's to be aired on ESPN3

Earlier this year, Pitt's baseball program got some great news when it was announced the team's final game of the season in May against Louisville would be televised on ESPNU. After a good opening series this weekend with a sweep against Wichita State, the baseball team is off to a solid start. With any luck, that last game will be an important one.

And last week, it was also announced that the Panthers' baseball program will be featured again by ESPN - this time, the team's series against St. John's will be on ESPN3.

Regardless of what you think about college baseball, this is great news for the athletics program. If the team can put together a good season headed into the baseball-heavy ACC, the added exposure will help even more. And with that move to the ACC, the baseball program will be a more significant part of the stable of athletics teams for Pitt.

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