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With commitments firm, National Signing Day for Pitt should be relatively quiet

You can never guarantee that things will run smoothly on National Signing Day, but the big day for Pitt should be a relatively normal one.

With the exception of Tyler Boyd, the Panthers' commitments have been relatively stable. As a matter of fact, the Post-Gazette's Sam Werner says all of the other recruits are 'rock-solid' in their commitments. Could someone flip at the last second or get cold feet? Sure, that's part of the game. But we're not likely to see an Anthony Morelli/Andrew Johnson situation.

If you're hoping for some kind of suspense, one thing to watch for is to see if Pitt adds any recruits late. Assuming Boyd stays with Pitt, the Panthers would still have two slots open for a couple of extra kids. They recently lost out on Boston College quarterback decommit Tim Boyle and running back Jojo Kemp.

The thing to keep in mind, obviously, is that Pitt doesn't need to necessarily use up those scholarships on signing day. They could hang onto them in the hopes of landing a kid that will sign later. They also could give them to a deserving walk-on as Todd Graham did for Trey Anderson a couple of seasons ago.

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