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Cardiac Hill Big East power rankings

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

A few days late on this, but here are my weekly Big East basketball power rankings:

1. Syracuse

2. Georgetown

3. Louisville

4. Marquette

5. Pitt

6. Cincinnati

7. Notre Dame

8. St. John's

9. UConn

10. Villanova

11. Providence

12. Seton Hall

13. Rutgers

14. South Florida

15. DePaul

Make fun of Georgetown at No. 2 all you want, but they're one of the hottest teams in the Big East, having won six of their last seven. In that stretch, they beat Louisville and Notre Dame on the road.

Looking for a sleeper? That would be St. John's. They've also won six of their past seven and beat Notre Dame and UConn in that run. They're not a tournament team yet and some of those non-con losses will hurt them, but they could definitely sneak in if they keep winning.

And don't look now, but Providence is actually playing some decent ball. They're 4-4 in their last eight games and won their last two against Villanova and Cincinnati. Two of those losses also included the four-point loss to Pitt and a three-point overtime loss to UConn.

Pitt's having a hard time moving up because the teams in front of them are playing well and all have some good wins. But you could make an argument for them possibly being ahead of Marquette after the Golden Eagles were blown out by Louisville this week. Marquette hasn't had a decent win in nearly a month ... when they beat Pitt.

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