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Steve Pederson back at Pitt, script logo mysteriously vanishes

Jared Wickerham

Only hours after being fired, athletic director Steve Pederson returned to Pitt to assume his former role for the third time in his career. No reason was given for the sudden change of heart other than, 'it just makes perfectly good sense.'

Many speculated on Pederson's first act upon his return. But instead of the long-rumored announcement that he would bring back Ralph Willard as the school's basketball coach, tear down the new Petersen Sports Complex in favor of more parking, or plead with Miami Subs to come back to Oakland, Pederson rocked the community by squashing the return of the script logo, briefly mentioning something about it not being as threatening as this.

As of the late this morning, university employees were working feverishly to remove the logo from all over campus. Citing that the painted logo could not easily be removed from the log cabin, the small historic structure was quickly demolished to the dismay of, well, nobody ... okay, a few history majors. And soon after a press release announced the logo would be used on uniforms in time for the move to the ACC, another was quickly issued to local media stating that it was sent in error by an intern now relieved of his duties.

Check your calendar. That is all.