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Cardiac Hill Podcast - Episode 2: Pitt-'Cuse Preview

Our host, Jesse Irwin, takes a look at what to expect in today's matchup with undefeated rival Syracuse with staff writers Stephen Gertz and Jim Hammett.

Don't worry, we're pacing back and forth with anxiety for today's battle too. That's why I had to wake up our contributors Jim Hammett and Stephen Gertz this morning to get their take on Jamie Dixon's course of action against dem upstate New Yorkers.

Syracuse (17-0) hosts the Panthers (16-1) as the #2 squad in the states, while one more bucket against Cincinnati would've had Pitt (currently #22) right up there with them.

This is their chance to make a statement – the icing on their greeting card to the rest of the Atlantic Coast Conference. But there's so many questions: Is that Lamar guy gonna go back to scoring again? Will that unselfish point-guard drop 15+ like he did last game? How's Durand feeling?

We know you're concerned. So feel free to pop in your ninth pair of $5 earbuds and flip it on while you meander around your block or house waiting for that 4 o'clock tip off. (Oh you invested in a nice pair of Beats because you can't get that Kevin Garnett or Colin Kaepernick commercial out of your head? Those work too.)

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