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Pitt vs. Duke: Open Gamethread

Maddie Meyer

You know it, I know it - tonight's game is big for Pitt. The Panthers have a great record and have given both Syracuse and Cincinnati a run for their money in each of their two losses. Still, a landmark win for the season would be great to have, right?

Pitt doesn't need to win tonight's game per se. But a victory here would make the Panthers look a lot more legitimate to outsiders who still may have doubts about this year's squad.

Jabari Parker for Duke, is obviously the one to watch on the road team. But Rodney Hood is right there, too. This game is filled with stars as Pitt has their own in Lamar Patterson. And as I said earlier in the preview, Talib Zanna is playing like one. Look for a good back and forth battle here between those four guys.

Game on ESPN and be sure to join us at 7:00 p.m. to comment live during the game.

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