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King of the Hill: ACC Basketball Power Rankings (Week 2)

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Just as I've been doing for football season, I'm going to continue the weekly power rankings over into the season for basketball.

At this point, it's really nothing more than a crap shoot. You've got the first few teams, which are all ranked. Then, you've got the teams like Pitt, that aren't ranked, but getting votes. Following them, you've got a few questionable teams ahead of the ones that will likely be the bottom-feeders. Lots of unknowns here.

At any rate, here's how I'd slot them after last week's action - technically I'm calling this Week 2 since it's the second week of games.

1. Duke (2-0): Most teams are winning easily this time of year, but Duke won its first two games by an average of 60 points. It's early, but the Blue Devils rank 2nd in points, 3rd in FG%, and 4th in assists - in the nation.

2. Louisville (2-0): Has a quality win already, beating Minnesota (a team receiving votes)

3. North Carolina (2-0): 'Only' a 16-point win against North Carolina Central

4. Virginia (2-0): Two comfortable wins

5. Syracuse (2-0): Two wins

6. Miami (2-0): Knocked off No. 8 Florida on the road, no less

7. Notre Dame (2-0): Two blowouts

8. Pitt (2-0): Struggled against Samford

9. North Carolina State (2-0): Receiving AP votes

10. Florida State (1-0): Receiving AP votes

11. Georgia Tech (1-0): Receiving no votes, but quality win against Georgia

12. Virginia Tech (1-0): Receiving no votes

13. Wake Forest (2-0): Fairly narrow 11-point win against UNCA

14. Boston College (1-1): Lost to UMASS and 8-point win over UNH

15. Clemson (1-1): Lost to Winthrop

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