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Poll of the Week: Finding Jamie Dixon's next assistant

Which direction should Pitt go next for an assistant coach?

Mike Ehrmann

As you've likely heard by now, assistant basketball coach Barry "Slice" Rohrssen is reportedly leaving the program to join Kentucky. Even though the move wasn't yet officially official by Thursday, we've already begun looking back at the impact he had. Rohrssen leaving hurts Pitt a little, but with a Wildcats program among the elite in college basketball, it's understandable why he would jump ship here.

The news of Pitt's top recruiter leaving was met with the typical relaxation and easy-going attitude of the Pitt fan base. Read that last sentence again and remember David Spade in Tommy Boy when he talks about sarcasm.

Unfortunately, tthere is nothing to do, but move forward. The question this week boils down to this: What do you want Pitt to do?

There are a few different options here for the Panthers. Several former Pitt assistants are now available and have a track record of bringing in solid recruits to Pitt during their time. The Panthers could also dig into the lower ranks of college basketball and get a young up and comer as well. Of course, there are always the cries to go out and pull out all the stops and get a stud (see Richardson, Emmanuel), but money could be an issue there.

See below and let us know what you would like to see Jamie Dixon do with the apparent open position on his staff.

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