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2014 NFL Mock Draft: latest to tab Pitt quarterback Tom Savage as possible first-round pick

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

I covered this a little bit earlier, but in case you've missed it, Tom Savage's NFL Draft stock is on the rise. More accurately, actually, he isn't losing steam since he was identified as a possible high pick by some. is the latest site to identify the former Pitt quarterback as a first round selection:

"Tom Savage, a big arm out of Pittsburgh, is a guy that some people may be considering as that surprise guy in the first round," NFL Media analyst Charles Davis said on "Path to the Draft."

"As coaches get more involved in the process, they're intrigued by Tom Savage," former NFL scout Daniel Jeremiah added. "It's because of that big arm."

The first round stuff is still a bit of a longshot to me. I just don't see it, even with the big arm. You've got to be darn sure you're getting a starter in the first round and picking busts that early is something that gets a lot of GMs fired. Savage may turn out to be a serviceable quarterback at some point, but he's hardly the can't miss guy that you want if you're spending a pick that high.

Even at the end of the first round in going to a team that might not need a quarterback right away, it would still be a bit of a risky move. I'll have more on this later, but I just don't see it.

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