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Pitt basketball: Jamie Dixon ALS Ice Water challenge FAIL

David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

Big props go out to head coach Jamie Dixon and some Pitt/ex-Pitt basketball players for taking the ALS ice water bucket challenge recently. It can even be argued that the real news out of this is Dixon tweeting about it ... which isn't that often. Dixon has a grand total of six tweets this year and one retweet, and took all of 2013 off after posting sporadically in 2012 (twice).

That, even, was after a hiatus that reached back until 2009.

So for Dixon to tweet about something is pretty important. That brings us to the ALS ice water bucket, which is, of course, for an incredible cause and well worth 140 (or less) characters. Dixon, along with other Pitt/former Pitt players Mike Young, DeJuan Blair, and Sam Young all gave it a shot. Unfortunately, Dixon got off quite easy.

Admittedly, the failure to get Dixon all that wet wasn't nearly as bad as Cris Carter's stupendously bad attempt (as a side note, I also add that the best part of that gif is Carter huffing and puffing as if he were trying to get all of the water off him despite the fact that he swung and missed ... but I digress), so I wont' be too rough here.

It's hard to fault him since he wasn't the one doing the actual pouring. And heck, I'm not even going to fault the girl for missing so badly because the bucket is clearly too heavy for her. Finally, Dixon did get hit with a little bit of water at the end. I mean, a little.

But yeah, he got off pretty easily.

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