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Pitt Fall Olympic sports to receive more TV/Internet coverage in 2014

Photo courtesy of the University of Pittsburgh athletics department -

As was the case last year, Pitt's Olympic sports will receive a significant amount of TV/Internet (mostly internet) coverage this season. The ACC's Fall schedule coverage was recently released and the Panthers' volleyball, men's soccer, and women's soccer programs will all get their share of time in the spotlight.

The volleyball program will have four matches on ESPN3 (Boston College, Notre Dame, Georgia Tech, and Louisville) and also gets a match against Clemson on the Regional Sports Network. In the Pittsburgh area, I think that means it would be on Root Sports.

Men's soccer will have matches against North Carolina, Duke, Virginia, and Howard all on ESPN3. In addition, the women's team will face North Carolina, Clemson, and Louisville on ESPN3.

It's great for those programs to get more coverage. And as a whole, the ACC is getting unprecedented coverage as well with a total of 121 events being broadcast on the ESPN family or the Regional Sports Network.

Here's the full schedule courtesy of the athletics department.

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