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Cardiac Hill staff College Football Predictions

The Cardiac Hill current staff along with some former members preview the college football season.

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With the college football season just moments away, the Cardiac Hill staff along with some old friends are here to give their preview on the college football season. So be sure to save this in your favorites tab, and be sure to make fun of all of us. In case you forgot about these guys, I'll refresh you on their names and Twitter handles as they are all great Pitt fans to follow for Pitt football season.

Mike (mikeo90), Dan (dan_sostek), Pat (the_incline), and Jesse (JesseIrwin_).

ACC Coastal Pick

Anson - Georgia Tech
Jim -   Georgia Tech
JD -  Georgia Tech 
Chris - Georgia Tech
Stephen - Georgia Tech
Mike - Georgia Tech
Dan - Miami
Pat - Georgia Tech
Jesse - Pitt

ACC Atlantic Pick

Anson - Clemson
Jim -   Clemson
JD -  Clemson
Chris - Clemson
Stephen - Florida State
Mike - Clemson 
Dan - Clemson
Pat -  Florida State
Jesse - Florida State

ACC Offensive Player of the Year

Anson - James Conner RB Pitt 
Jim -   DeShaun Watson QB Clemson
JD -  Tyler Boyd WR Pitt
Chris - James Conner RB Pitt
Stephen - DeShaun Watson QB Clemson
Mike - DeShaun Watson QB Clemson 
Dan - DeShaun Watson QB Clemson
Pat - James Conner RB Pitt 
Jesse - James Conner RB Pitt

ACC Defensive Player of the Year

Anson - Jalen Ramsey CB Florida State
Jim -   Kendall Fuller CB Virginia Tech
JD - Kendall Fuller CB Virginia Tech
Chris - Jalen Ramsey CB Florida State
Stephen - Kendall Fuller CB Virginia Tech
Mike - Jalen Ramsey CB Florida State
Dan - Jalen Ramsey CB Florida State
Pat -  Kendall Fuller CB Virginia Tech
Jesse - Jeremy Cash S Duke

Heisman Pick

Anson - Ezekiel Elliott RB Ohio State
Jim -   Trevone Boykin QB TCU
JD -  Ezekiel Elliott RB Ohio State
Chris - Trevone Boykin QB TCU
Stephen - Ezekiel Elliott RB Ohio State
Mike - Trevone Boykin QB TCU
Dan - Cody Kessler QB USC
Pat - Trevone Boykin QB TCU
Jesse - Trevone Boykin QB TCU

National Champion Pick

Anson - Ohio State 
Jim -   Alabama 
Chris - TCU
Stephen - Ohio State 
Mike - TCU 
Dan - Ohio State
Pat - Ohio State
Jesse - Pitt

Pitt Offensive MVP

Anson - James Conner RB
Jim -   James Conner RB
JD - Tyler Boyd WR
Chris - James Conner RB
Stephen - James Conner RB 
Mike - Tyler Boyd WR
Dan - Tyler Boyd WR 
Pat - James Conner RB
Jesse - Adam Bisnowaty LT

Pitt Defensive MVP

Anson - Reggie Mitchell S
Jim -   Nicholas Grigsby LB
JD - Khaynin Mosley-Smith DT
Chris - Reggie Mitchell S
Stephen - Lafayette Pitts CB
Mike - Reggie Mitchell S
Dan - Reggie Mitchell S
Pat - Reggie Mitchell S
Jesse - Reggie Mitchell S

Pitt Breakout Candidate

Anson - Ejuan Price DE
Jim -   Alex Bookser OL 
JD - Quadree Henderson WR
Chris - Tyrique Jarrett DT
Stephen - Dontez Ford WR
Mike - Matt Galambos LB
Dan - Dontez Ford WR
Pat - Chad Voytik QB
Jesse - Tyrique Jarrett DT

Pitt Freshman to Watch

Anson - Jordan Whitehead S
Jim -   Quadree Henderson WR
JD - Jordan Whitehead S 
Chris - Jordan Whitehead S
Stephen - Jordan Whitehead S
Mike - Quadree Henderson WR 
Dan - Quadree Henderson WR
Pat - Jordan Whitehead S
Jesse - Jordan Whitehead S

Pitt's Toughest Game

Anson - @ Georgia Tech
Jim - @ Virginia Tech 
JD - @ Georgia Tech
Chris - Notre Dame 
Stephen - @ Georgia Tech
Mike - @ Georgia Tech
Dan - @ Georgia Tech
Pat - @ Georgia Tech
Jesse - National Championship Game

Pitt's Final Record

Anson - 8-4
Jim -   7-5
JD -  8-4
Chris - 8-4
Stephen - 7-5
Mike -  8-4
Dan - 7-5
Pat - 8-4
Jesse - 9-3

What do you think? Give us your thoughts on our picks (or your own picks) below in the comments.