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Pitt Basketball Recruiting: JuCo PG Jonathan Milligan headed to Panthers, per report

Jamie Dixon is rumored to have found a guard late in the game

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

File this in the "strong rumor" category, but it sounds like Jamie Dixon has added a talented player the day before classes start at Pitt per one report.

As of midnight on Sunday morning, this was the only source reporting this. This news is especially odd because Milligan was originally signed to play for Florida Gulf Coast who announced a few weeks ago that Milligan was not going to qualify academically. I'd be surprised if he can't get into Florida Gulf Coast but can get into Pitt, but we've seen weirder things happen. 

Now, for Milligan the player, it sounds like he's exactly the kind of player Pitt needs.

Milligan also shoots over 40% from three point range. If he can be a better version of Josh Newkirk, I'm a big fan of the signing. Now whether it actually happens is a different story. You can check out some highlights here.