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Pat Narduzzi, Scott Shafer, Kiwis, and (almost) MURDER

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

So, um, Pat Narduzzi hates Syracuse Orange coach Scott Shafer. In fact, the head coach caused him bodily harm.

Narduzzi made his game week debut on the ACC Coaches Conference Call on Thursday and retold a story about how he played an entirely harmless prank on nearly murdered Shafer back during their days coaching at Rhode Island.

You have not heard the kiwi story? We're sitting in defensive meetings, and you get to know your coaches. You become like brothers, and I feel like Scott is a brother to me.

So one day he was telling me how he's allergic to kiwi, and my wife, she would always give me a kiwi. We packed lunch back in the days; you didn't have anybody bringing your lunch in. Well, Scott is like, I'm allergic to kiwi. I'm like, no, he's not. So one day before practice I take a kiwi peel, you know, you peel off a kiwi, and I rubbed it on the front of his desk and I rubbed it on phone because I figured he'd call someone at lunchtime. So at lunchtime he went back to his office. About 1:00 I come in, we're scripted for practice, and I walk in there and his eyes are swollen shut.

Now, he's the DB coach. It's nice at practice to be able to see your DBs, right? And he's like, man, something happened. I'm like, you are allergic to kiwi. So his wife ripped my butt that day. I think that's the first time I've gotten yelled at by a coach's wife. She had to bring him some Benadryl. So make sure when you guys are up here, you don't bring any kiwi into your press conference.

Yeah, I got nothing.

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