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Jordan Whitehead loses out on starting job, but will play at safety

Jordan Whitehead was in contention for the Panthers' starting job at boundary safety right up until the end, but fell just short of achieving that goal.

The Trib's Jerry DiPaola tweeted on Thursday that Amara had won the job but that Whitehead would replace him in passing situations. DiPaola also said that Mike Caprara will get the start over Bam Bradley at the money (outside) linebacker spot.

Back to Whitehead - he clearly impressed in camp. While Amara is somewhat unproven, you have to keep in mind that Whitehead is a true freshman. To compete for a starting job that early is a testament to his talent. Whitehead will get plenty of playing time and most reasonable fans realize that he could even become a starter by year's end.

Ultimately, it will be up to him. Interestingly enough, he'll have a really good opportunity to shine in there in cover situations. That should lead to more cracks at making plays/interceptions butit could also expose him a bit. Narduzzi is really giving him the chance to sink or swim.

This weekend could be a good chance for him in particular. If Pitt can get ahead in this one and build a lead, you'll see the Penguins forced to throw more often. That could mean a lot of playing time for Whitehead and a real opportunity to impress in his debut at Heinz Field. If the Panthers' offense does its job and scores points, it could be an ideal scenario for Whitehead to get his feet wet.

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