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Pitt offensive line could see injured starters play against Youngstown State

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier this week, I mentioned that Pitt could be without two offensive line starters in center Artie Rowell and tackle Adam Bisnowaty for their opener against Youngstown State. But according to head coach Pat Narduzzi, the pair are in relatively decent shape and could (wait for it) both play this weekend.

At least one will as Narduzzi said Bisnowaty would be ready to go:

Today, though, Narduzzi "guaranteed" Bisnowaty would be available Saturday, but he didn’t say in what capacity

"If it comes down to it and he’s a little banged up, we may start somebody else," Narduzzi said. "But he’s ready to go."

Earlier, Alex Bookser said he would be getting the start. That sounds like it could be true, but Narduzzi wanted to be clear that his player wasn't calling the shots:

If nothing else, Bookser got a small lesson in not revealing game day plans before the coaches do.

Narduzzi was less committal on Rowell playing but said he could see him playing. It also sounded like may not be ready to start, but that he could get into the game.

We're still up in the air on these two guys, but things sound a little better, anyway.

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