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Pitt center Rafael Maia suffers thumb injury

Stew Milne-USA TODAY Sports

It could just be me, but Pitt basketball seems to be suffering from an incredible amount of injuries this offseason. First, Josh Newkirk underwent knee surgery. Then it was announced that guards James Robinson and Sterling Smith were having surgery. Guard Chris Jones was next with toe surgery. In addition, guard Cameron Johnson and new center Alonzo Nelson-Ododa had surgeries in the middle of last season for shoulder and eye injuries, respectively.

Now, newly-acquired transfer Rafael Maia is out indefinitely with a right thumb injury during a workout.

We don't yet know the exact severity of the injury, but per a press release from the athletics department, Maia is in a soft cast and will be out for at least two weeks, at which time he'll be re-evaluated.

This is getting to be kind of ridiculous. How snake bit can one team be in an offseason? Fortunately, we are still just over two months until the season begins, but having so many players injured isn't going to help with chemistry issues. That chemistry is more important this year than in most since the Panthers have so many new players on the roster this year.

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