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Tom Savage inconsistent for Houston Texans in NFL preseason games

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Former Pitt quarterback Tom Savage is getting his first taste of playing as a pro in the NFL's preseason. The Houston Texans rookie, however, isn't yet having a ton of success.

The good news for Savage is that he's completed six of his eight passes over the team's two games against the Atlanta Falcons and Arizona Cardinals. Savage, for what it's worth, is also not throwing interceptions, which is a significant plus.

The flip side is that the quarterback isn't making plays, either. In addition to taking a couple of sacks in his first game, the former Pitt star also has a paltry 22 total passing yards so far.

In the team's second game, Savage was surprised with some additional playing time, but he didn't respond all that well.

Nothing too surprising here and it's a little bit of a carryover from his struggles early in training camp. It'd be nice to see him making a few more plays, but as a rookie, it's hard to expect all that much of him. He's not going to be starting or probably even serving as the primary backup, so his role this season is all about learning and being available in case of an emergency. And things like avoiding the big mistakes such as costly interceptions are a plus in my book. Still, eventually he'll need to more.

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