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Houston Texans Training Camp Updates: Tom Savage struggles in opening day

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday, I wrote about the impressive start former Pitt star Aaron Donald has had in the St. Louis Rams training camp. Unfortunately, fellow Pitt rookie Tom Savage hasn't had as much success so far.

Savage did reportedly impress earlier this year in OTAs with the Houston Texans, but in his first day of training camp, things didn't go all that well:

Rough day for rookie quarterback Tom Savage. He struggled to find any consistency and missed his targets several times. The good news for him: there’s a lot of camp left to impress his coaches. Case Keenum is working ahead of Savage with the second unit.

In fact, Savage was actually intercepted on his very first pass in 7-on-7 drills.

Savage, as I wrote about before, is out of the running to start. The best case scenario for Savage right now is to win the backup job and Keenum will be difficult to supplant there. But as last year proved, injuries mean he could be just a few plays away from getting into a game. He needs to prove he's ready to step in, even as the third-string quarterback.

Still, it's really early and as a rookie quarterback, he's going to have his share of struggles. The important thing is to make sure that he's better by the end of camp and improving day by day.

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