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Pitt vs. Detroit: Open Gamethread

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

The early Pitt games generally sort of get lost in the shuffle. Gonzaga was an exception because it was against a Top Ten team, but for the most part, hoops is usually on the back burner until football ends. That happens (the regular season, anyway) in a couple of months, so you basketball-only people will have to bear with us for a little while.

Tonight, the Panthers take on Detroit at The Pete. Detroit is 1-0 having won their first game against Central State, 88-65, but as you would expect, Pitt is a heavy favorite in this one. As with most of the non-con games, you can watch this one on ESPN3.

Lots going on tonight, so I'll be in and out of the gamethread. The Panthers' wrestling team gets back in action and that meet is available a stream as well - especially since Lehigh is ranked 10th in the nation. Needless to say, I'll be juggling what I'm watching.

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