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(Don't) Bet the Farm: Pitt vs. Louisville Predictions

The Cardiac Hill staff give their prediction for Pitt's second to last game of the regular season

Mark Dolejs-USA TODAY Sports

Seven wins! Broken free of the shackles of four straight regular seasons of 6-6!

Pat Narduzzi has a chance to make his first season as Pitt's head coach one of Pitt's best in a couple of years. 8-4 would be a really great first year considering the loss of James Conner, and 9-3 would be downright incredible.

Standing in the way of that, however, are Louisville and Miami. Today's match-up against Louisville is the tougher of the two remaining match-ups, and it should be a pretty interesting game. Louisville is a very respectable 6-4 after dropping their first 3, and their losses (aside from Auburn) are not to bad teams.

Anson and Aron lead the pack with an outstanding 9-1 record, and there is a logjam after them. We may have to move to some type of tie breaker for Pitt's bowl game if they continue to win and pick the same team.

I'm going with a 35-32 Pitt win. I think both offenses can score, and it'll be a nail biter.

Anson - Pitt (9-1)

Aron - Pitt (9-1)

Chris - Pitt (8-2)

JD - Pitt (8-2)

Stephen - Pitt (8-2)

Jim - Louisville (6-4)